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When you’re ready to make a full lifestyle change! We will organize several areas of your home so you can finally find peace and joy. Great for those ready to make an investment in themselves and change their lives via a total home transformation. 

  • Virtual In-Depth Consultation

  • 1 Hour In Home Assessment

  • Up to 40 Hours of Organizing and Personal Shopping

  • Paper Management and File Planning 

  • Space Planning

  • Total Home Declutter and Downsize

  • Detailed Plan of Action and Maintenance Plan

Total Alignment (40 Hours)

$3,502.00 Regular Price
$3,142.00Sale Price
  • Packages must be used within 6 month of purchase.


    Client is responsible for booking sessions.


    Client must complete a consultation before proceeding with an in-person session. 

    All clients must sign a service agreement before first session.

    Projects are not guaranteed to be completed by or within a specified time frame nor can we guarantee a project to be completed within the set amount of package hours you choose to purchase. We will offer our suggestion as to which package we think will best fit your needs taking into consideration any deadlines/timelines you might have for completion as well as your budget, however there is always a possibility that a project may take longer than initially estimated which may require additional sessions and/or packages to be purchased. Our project packages are a suggestion based on our experience and past projects; however, each project is unique and dependent upon multiple factors. While we do our best to work expediently, we also take into consideration the Client’s emotional, physical, and mental needs.  We will adjust our speed of work for the best interest of the Client and of the specific project. 


    Cost does not include additional fees such as travel fees, the cost of physical products used, or additional organizers, assistants, or contractors. 


    Price includes 2.9% Processing and Service Fee. To purchase without fees, please pay via Zelle using email

    This purchase is NON-REFUNDABLE. 


    By purchasing, client agrees to all above terms. 

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