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Getting Organized Will Help You Achieve Any New Year's Resolution

We’re a couple of weeks into 2021 and it is Resolution Season! I’m certain some people have already abandoned their earnestly set goals and are waiting until the “right opportunity” to try again. But not you! This year you will stick to your resolutions through the power of organization. Here is how getting organized can help you reach the most commonly set (and failed) New Year’s resolutions.


Resolution: Lose Weight/Get in Shape

There are studies that actually make a correlation between clutter and weight gain citing overconsumption, lack of motivation, and poor mental health. Having a messy home can even be correlated to lower energy levels. A cluttered home may also be hard to navigate. Especially in the midst of the pandemic, many of us have found ourselves working out at home. Do you have a dedicated area in your home that you can work out safely? Organizing can help you clear out items that you don’t need to make space for your new fitness routine. Make sure all of your workout gear is easily accessible. If you have to climb to the back of your closet to grab your weights or yoga mat, you never will. If your clothing drawers are in disarray, you’re going to have a hard time digging through to find your workout clothes. File fold your workout clothes and place them in the drawer neatly. Only hold on to good condition clothing items that make you feel your best. I don’t know about you, but I am more likely to commit to breaking a sweat when I feel more confident doing so!


Resolution: Save Money/Spend Less Money/Get Out of Debt

The best way to save money is to buy less items. A common problem I see in my clients' homes is that they often have duplicates of perfectly good items they didn’t know they already had! If items are covered by clutter or are hard to reach, you’re going to forget about them. To combat this, I suggest taking out all your items and only keeping the things you truly want and need. Then find dedicated, organized places for all of your items to go. Practice the principle of “one new, toss two” to learn how to live with less. You can even make money off your old items by selling them online or at a yard sale. If you cannot sell them immediately, donate it! Donations are tax deductible and will earn you a write-off come tax season. Another way organizing saves you money is that you can develop a system for managing your paper items. Having a system for bills, coupons, receipts, etc will make keeping track of your finances much easier.


Resolution: Eat Better/Cook More at Home

Did you know Americans throw out $165 billion in food each year, with the average family tossing 250 pounds worth, or one-third of all food purchases. Having organized fridges, pantries, cabinets, and shelves before you go grocery shopping will help you to better utilize the ingredients and food items you already have at home. Further, reducing visual clutter in the kitchen by having your spices, ingredients, and tools in matching containers, labeled, and in an aesthetically pleasing way will help you feel more inspired and at ease in the kitchen. Having your kitchen organized will also help to keep your countertops clear, increasing your prep space. Some studies show that clutter affects your food choices and makes you more likely to choose unhealthy foods over healthier options.


Resolution: Read More

An attractive bookshelf and cozy reading nook is all you need to inspire yourself to read more. I recommend organizing your books in one place! In clients homes, I see books ending up in multiple different rooms, in odd places. Dedicated bookshelves help keep your reading habit tidy. Further, if you have no place to comfortably read, you’re not going to. Clear off a cozy area in your home to be your own personal reading nook and keep it neat and inviting. If your reason for not being able to read is lack of time, having an organized home saves you time by creating systems that are easy to be maintained and managed so you aren’t spending hours tidying and cleaning your home.


Resolution: Decrease Stress

Last year was a stressful year for most and many Americans suffered recorded mental health crises. Clutter can actually be a physical manifestation of mental health issues. One of the most effective ways to reduce your overall stress is to organize your home. This helps you to have a clearer mind, be more confident in yourself and your space, make healthier choices, and gain back more time to devote to other areas of your life that improve you or make you happier. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, one of the first things my therapist recommends when I am having an episode is to clean and organize my home. Even as a professional organizer, I sometimes get overwhelmed in my space but having an organized has definitely helped reduce my stress and anxiety.


Resolution: Get a Promotion

If you’re someone who misplaces important documents at work, are late to meetings, or miss deadlines, you’ll be hard pressed to advance in your professional aspirations. The solution? Getting organized. Organizing will help increase productivity by saving you time wasted so you can focus on more important tasks. You can be more efficient by creating systems that are easy to maintain. If your boss asks you to track down a specific document or figure, it will be easy to find because you already have everything neatly organized and labeled. You will be the go-to when someone needs an answer and quickly. Setting deadlines and organizing your time will ensure you are always prompt for meetings and completing tasks.


Resolution: Get Organized

Need I say more? Don’t know where to start? If you’re looking to organize your home, download a free copy of the New Year Organization Checklist here

I have availability coming up for both Virtual Organizing Sessions as well as In Home Sessions if you are looking for more personalized support to reach your organizing goals.

Book your free consultation today to see if hiring a professional organizer is right for you.

I can't wait to hear about how you accomplish your New Year's Resolutions!

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