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ALIGNED by Aileen makes every space in your home organized and beautiful. We help you find value and pride in the items you own and the space that you keep. We believe that everything has a place and we help you find it! 

While we aim to make your space picture-perfect, more importantly, we help you create systems that are functional for your life and provide you with a sense of ease and peace of mind. 

We also help our neurodivergent clients struggling with executive dysfunction, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, and more find sustainable and accessible solutions and systems for their unique challenges and strengths.


Virtual Sessions are perfect if you are looking for ADHD and organizing coaching sessions, are short on time, or if you live far away from our in-person service area!

Virtual Sessions

In person sessions are perfect if you're looking for a more traditional, hands on approach to organizing. Aileen will be organizing on site so there is greater opportunity for her expertise and attention to detail

In Person Sessions

Well Organized Closet

Aligned Spaces

While we haven't been able to catalogue every project that we have completed, we hope that these selected images from featured projects can give you a sense of our professionalism, work ethic, and deep care for our clients. 

Every project is a unique and fulfilling challenge; we are so grateful to our clients past and present for trusting us to align their spaces and transform their lives.

To see all of our latest transformations, sign up for our free newsletter below and follow us on instagram @alignedbyaileen

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